After years of hardworking, TRUST has built its reputation in the area of semiconductor vacuum equipment. TRUST has the most conscientious team who listens to the need of each client with great care. By thoroughly communication, TRUST effectively controls clients’ costs and reaches its goal of synchronizing the need and services, enhancing the service quality and the competitive advantage. Facing the challenges of globalization and the rapid development of international technology industry, TRUST adapts itself to internationalize, diversify and localize. By richly cultivating Taiwan market, TRUST aims to offer a wide range of maintenance services and gains good publicity, business integrity, responsibility and efficiency, creating the core value of sustainability.




  TRUST greatly appreciates the hard work and dedication of all employees to fulfill company’s goal. TRUST values the spirit of teamwork as well as the physical and mental health of all our employees. TRUST motivates our employees by setting different types of performance bonuses and consolation money. With the yearly company trip and family days, TRUST encourages the interactions between employees, creating an atmosphere of TRUST family. While emphasizing the profits of the company, TRUST also takes the benefits of employees into consideration. TRUST believes the care and value of people is the cornerstone of sustainable development.



  Business operation is considered as a social responsibility. TRUST respects the past and looks forward to the future. Facing a changeable world and the rising awareness of environmental protection, TRUST believes in the philosophy of ‘taken from the society; give back to the society’. To fulfill this philosophy, TRUST takes practical actions to contribute to the society, fulfills the corporate social responsibility, and follows the business moral disciplines. Through the practice of energy saving, TRUST hopes to create a green environment with the society.


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